About Me

Emily Krieger is an award-winning writer, editor, and fact-checker specializing in children’s content and science.

Most recently, she has covered face mites and piano-playing plants for the National Geographic Kids series Real or Fake?; researched the history of molecular phylogeny for David Quammen’s forthcoming book, The Tangled Tree; and helped convey the latest research in pregnancy and parenting for the science blog Growth Curve.

She is the author of more than a dozen books published by National Geographic Kids, including the award-winning Myths Busted!. She has also studied Ebola and SARS outbreaks for David Quammen’s award-winning book Spillover, fact-checked the capital of Kyrgyzstan and other countries for the National Geographic Bee, fact-checked feature articles and departments for National Geographic magazine, and edited Science News and Science News for Students.

Emily feels lucky to live and work in Seattle, with its many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and all things odd. She serves on the board of Seattle Audubon.

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